What makes a Little Owl Practitioner?

What makes a Little Owls Practitioner ? ?

There are a carefully selected set of ingredients that make our wonderful Practitioners at Little Owls Childcare…take a look at the following recipe of how to make the perfect practitioner! ?

* 1 large cup of patience.
* 2 heaped tablespoons of energy and enthusiasm for working with children.
* An enormous scoop of empathy.
* A jug of humour and laughter.
* A large bowl of understanding of child development.
* A scoopful of teamwork and positive attitude.
* A pinch of exciting activity ideas.
* A large handful of nurture and compassion.
* A love of messy activities and noise!
* A heap of dedication!
* A cup of smiles !

Combine all of the above carefully, sprinkle with plenty of love and you have a wonderful Little Owls practitioner ?