Messy Play

At Little Owl Childcare, we love to let our children get completely immersed in their play and this does not mean that they need to worry about getting messy. This post from the curiosity approach sums it up beautifully 🙂

Mindfulness Matters

Mindfulness matters ?

At Little Owls, we strongly believe in taking a holistic approach to childcare. A positive sense of emotional wellbeing means children have a strong foundation on  which to build on.

We incorporate this in our everyday activities by talking about our feelings, describing what we see , hear, taste and feel around us and being empathetic towards others.
However, in Adventurers, our pre school children take part in slightly more structured mindfulness activities. It is important that these activities are age appropriate so our practitioners make sure that they are short , fun and repeated so the children know what to expect. They enjoy yoga sessions and other mindful activities.
It is something that can be practised anytime , anywhere…Watching clouds float by, listening to the wind blowing the leaves on a tree and perhaps encouraging deep slow breaths with a hand on the tummy to feel the inhaling and exhaling.
All of this will help our children and us to regulate our emotions, share our feelings and be aware of the wonderful world around us ?????