30 Days Wil Challenge

30 Days Wild Challenge
At our woodland nursery we have loved completing the 30 days wild challenge throughout June! This hasn’t been too challenging for us as we are all about embracing the outdoors and the wonder of nature at our woodland nursery.
Some of the activities that we have taken part in throughout June include:
– leaf and flower printing.
– going on a wildflower hunt and identifying the names of the flowers that we found.
– sweep netting to find minibeasts in the long grass!
– minibeast hunts in our woodland.
– observing our woodland caterpillars grow from tiny caterpillars into huge caterpillars and then make their chrysalis’.
– having outdoor naps.
– eating our lunch and tea in the beautiful outdoors.
– observing wildlife in their natural habitats for example the deer, squirrels and birds.
– making delicious creations in the mud kitchen using mud, mulch, stones, pinecones, leaves and flowers.
– running up and down our local ‘roly poly’ hill with our friends.
– collecting and painting sticks.
– planting bean’s after listening to the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.
– climbing up trees with adult supervision.
– listening to the different bird sounds that we can hear in the woodland.
– bark rubbings using the trees.
And much more!
Why don’t you get involved too with your little one(s) at home?!
Embracing nature with your loved ones can be calming, mindful and can help build confidence and self-esteem.
Have fun!