Mindfulness Matters

Mindfulness matters 😊

At Little Owls, we strongly believe in taking a holistic approach to childcare. A positive sense of emotional wellbeing means children have a strong foundation on  which to build on.

We incorporate this in our everyday activities by talking about our feelings, describing what we see , hear, taste and feel around us and being empathetic towards others.
However, in Adventurers, our pre school children take part in slightly more structured mindfulness activities. It is important that these activities are age appropriate so our practitioners make sure that they are short , fun and repeated so the children know what to expect. They enjoy yoga sessions and other mindful activities.
It is something that can be practised anytime , anywhere…Watching clouds float by, listening to the wind blowing the leaves on a tree and perhaps encouraging deep slow breaths with a hand on the tummy to feel the inhaling and exhaling.
All of this will help our children and us to regulate our emotions, share our feelings and be aware of the wonderful world around us 😊🌻🌲🌳🌼


Making brushing teeth fun!

Think of creative ways to make brushing your teeth fun. For example, listening to fun sounds or songs that are two minutes long to help keep yourself and your kids brushing for the full duration of time recommended. Also, having a cool toothbrush designed for kids that features their favourite characters helps brings out the fun in brushing and allows children to bring their favourite cartoon and television friends into the bathroom with them.

  • Create a rewards chart – Children should brush their teeth twice a day, so try keeping track of your child’s brushing on a calendar by the sink with gold stars. If there are two stars at the end of the week, they could get a little treat.
  • Make brushing teeth time family time – At night, get together in the bathroom to brush your teeth for the recommended two minutes. It will encourage your children when they see there parents/carers are doing it too.
  • Don’t make the dentist a scary place – Dentists recommend dental check-ups every six months, which can be scary for many children. So prepare them beforehand. Give them an idea of what to expect; try using picture books or do some role-playing exercises to explain to kids what to expect during a dental visit. After the visit, reward them for good behaviour.
  • Keep a routine – Make it part of your child’s daily routine, so that they can become used to regular brushing.
  • Use tooth brushing games and apps – Brushing apps for smartphones and tablets, like the free Oral-B Disney Magic Timer App, can help children brush by featuring exciting animation and virtual stickers.

Lastly, remember that a healthy diet is important in tooth care for kids. Try to avoid or limit sugary foods and drinks. It’s recommended that they only drink milk and water. If you give them sugary foods, only do so at their regular mealtimes.

Saying affirmations with our young children

Affirmations are repeatedly saying positive declarations to yourself and your experience.

Affirmations can help young children feel confident and encourage a positive self-image. They are also a powerful way of reducing anxiety.

An affirmation like “I can do this” just might help your little one have some confidence when they are struggling to dress themselves, use kind hands or maybe they are having a hard time waiting their turn.

The more your little one says positive affirmations about themselves, the more they will start to believe them. It’s teaching our little ones that when a self-limiting belief arises “I can’t do it!!”, to switch it with a positive thought “I’ll keep trying!”.

This of course takes time with children so young, but that’s where you as the responsible adult needs to model this.

It’s important children learn this at such a young age so that it becomes natural in their later lives. Educating children on numbers, colours etc is important absolutely but at Little Owl’s we believe their positivity and self-love is just as important.

Children will struggle to understand what an affirmation is and how to use them effectively, but you can begin by talking to your little ones about the different thoughts and feelings they have. Although there is no wrong or right way to feel, some of our feelings make us feel better than others.

Some examples you can use with your young children are:

I am a good friend

I am kind

I am special

I am happy

I am strong

I am loved

How to support our children with separation anxiety

Covid 19 has meant missed / inconsistent nursery sessions, no stay and play sessions, hardly any experience of the outside world and adventures with family and friends.

So it’s understandable that when going to nursery or when being left with another responsible adult they are going to be full of anxiety, confusion and frustration.

When starting nursery or after having some time off due to holidays, sickness etc. young children struggle with their emotions because it’s out of their routine so even more so now their emotions are going to be heightened as a lot of our young children have only ever been in the care of their parents/carers and as of recently, immediate family. Most children have never been without their parents until now.

You may drop your child off feeling like the worst parent in the world as they kick and scream your name but you’re actually helping them learn to cope without you, and that’s an important step towards their growing independence. It’s also a sign of how well you have bonded with your child. Don’t be too hard on yourself – separation anxiety is common and it’s normal even more so in these times of covid.

Tips for separation anxiety:

  • Practice short sharp bursts when leaving your child. Due to covid children may require more frequent and shorter settling in sessions i.e., leaving them for 10 minutes one day. 15 the next. It may be tedious to begin with and feel like a long process but they need to understand and realise that every time you are coming back. It’s also good as its not allowing them enough time to get overly distressed if you do leave him when they are upset.
  • If your child is between the ages of 3-5 they will be familiar with certain places you visit together in your local area i.e. the shop down the road. When leaving your child you can talk to them before and when dropping them off about where you are going and that you will be back soon.
  • Talk about what you are going to do when you pick them up so they have something to look forward toe. “when Daddy picks you up we are going to pop to Nanny and Grandad’s house”.
  • Leave something comforting with your child. This could be something of theirs i.e. a blanket, a teddy or something of yours; perhaps a scarf, a cardigan, an item that smells like you.
  • Speak to your child about all of the fun things they will get up to at Nursery. If your child is obsessed with trains, Peppa pig or sand make sure you tell the setting / person caring for your child. They can ensure this is available for them.

Cannock Daycare re-opened to our families

On the 8th June we opened to the children of our key workers. All families were invited to 1:1 meetings with their key worker of their bubble. Only that family was in the room with the staff. It was a great opportunity to catch up with the families and any milestones the children had achieved.
We then opened on the 22nd June to more children, we continue to do 1:1 meeting induction/welcome back meetings when our setting is closed at the end of the day and on Fridays.
If you would like to visit our nursery you are very welcome to give us a call on 07305 655692 or 01543 574184 to book an appointment.

Cannock Open Day

Amazing day today at our Cannock Launch.

Thank you to all the lovely families we met and have shared the day our doors opened to the public.

The feedback was overwhelming, parents and children loved our open ended play opportunities, safe spaces to explore, exciting provacations to spark curiosity and our caring passionate staff.

Spaces are filling quickly, please contact us to visit or reserve a place.

Our Discovery room


Adventurers… photos to follow, watch this space!

Welcome to Our New & Improved Website

Little Owl Childcare Responsive Website

We are extremely proud to announce that our new website is now live. Whether you are looking to find the right childcare, or your little one is already part of our Little Owl Childcare family, the new website makes it easy to navigate our various settings, services and fees.

Why we needed a new website

Little Owl Childcare was established in 2008. Since then, we have grown considerably, and our new website reflects our expansion. It also provides a coherent and professional presentation of our business. We have worked hard over the years to gain our reputation as providers of outstanding childcare, so we needed our new website to reflect and validate this.

We wanted a website that would encourage new parents or carers to access our services and entrust us as their childcare provider, but we also wanted a vehicle for our current families to stay in touch with their child’s learning.

How our new website will help you

Our new website is jam-packed with useful information and couldn’t be easier to navigate. Browse through our sections to find the answers to any questions you may have.

Our Community sessions and School childcare provisions are carefully explained in detail, plus there are dedicated pages for our brand new Woodland Pre-School Nursery and Cannock Day Care Nursery.

We understand childcare funding is a minefield, so our Funding & Fees section is here to guide you through the various schemes you may be eligible to apply for.

Our all new Blog feature is well worth a read. Look out for advice for parents and carers, plus the latest newsletters for each of our settings.

We’ve had a re-brand

Not only have we redesigned our website, we have also repositioned the business.

Our new brand reflects the way Little Owl Childcare has developed of late, with our sub-brands representing our various settings that we have added over the years. We are proud of our excellent provisions that families use year after year, so we wanted to showcase this from our website through to our stationery.

Who made it happen

Massive thanks to The Marketing People who have worked with us to create our new brand and applied it to all touch points of the business.

They designed and produced our new stationery, including business cards, letterheads and compliment slips so they are professional and representative of our new positioning. Further promotional printed materials they have helped us with include posters, flyers and banners, all of which have been instrumental in bringing in new business.

The Marketing People Little Owl Childcare flyerThe Marketing People Little Owl Childcare business card

The Marketing People also designed and developed our new website to ensure it is engaging, easy to use and informative.

Their service has been essential in helping us to show how much our business has developed lately, whilst maintaining our excellent reputation.

My thanks just doesn’t seem enough and I feel really blessed to have met The Marketing People. I will never forget how they have been part of our journey to a happier place. We are so proud and bursting with excitement for the future.