Clever Communication

Clever communication ????

In the Discovery Room (Birth to confident walkers) at our Cannock Daycare Nursery, we recognise the need to communicate effectively with our babies.

One of our chosen methods is to use simple sign language for some everyday words and instructions.

‘Research shows that sign language speeds up speech development, reduces frustration in young children by giving them a means to express themselves before they know how to talk, increases parent-child bonding, and lets babies communicate vital information, such as if they are hurt or hungry. (

Of course, the children are hearing the spoken word at the same time which helps with speech and language.

Before you know it, they are not only associating that sign with a word but attempting to sign it too!

Singing and signing is lots of fun too…the babies really engage when we sing with actions to support the song.

We share a weekly sign with our families, feel free to follow the link for more information.