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Highfields Primary School, Elder Lane, Burntwood, WS7 9BT


Chase Terrace Primary School
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Chase Terrace Primary School, Rugeley Road, Burntwood, WS7 1AH

Highfields Primary School

Highfields Primary School

Term time childcare

Term time childcare in line with Staffordshire schools term dates.

Childcare from 2 years: 12.15pm - 3.15pm Childcare from 3 years: 8:45am - 3.15pm


Morning sessions

Preschool children occupy our morning sessions and they are supported on their learning journey to reach their optimum potential in readiness for joining school.

We focus very much on child driven learning that is expertly supported by practitioners to optimise learning potential for children. We offer woodwork sessions and cooking sessions at our activity stations on a daily basis, supporting children to challenge their skills, to problem solve, and to think critically and make their own choices.

Extremely close links with the Primary School and interjoining doors aid seamless transitions into school. Please contact a member of staff for more information about transitions.

Afternoon sessions

Our afternoon sessions are open for a mixed age range of children from 2 years to preschool.

Whilst ensuring each child is challenged and learning is appropriate, it is very effectively managed by giving older children the opportunity to nurture and support younger friends, developing complex qualities such as empathy, understanding and communication.

The younger children have opportunities for very focused group work alongside age appropriate learning provocations. They learn, grow and develop quickly, learning skills from their older peers such as turn taking, speaking and listening and risk taking.

Forest School activities are enjoyed by all children using the school’s nature reserve area

Healthy snacks are served throughout the day. For 3 year olds staying all day, they can bring in their own prepared packed lunch or they have an opportunity to purchase a freshly cooked, delicious meal from the school kitchen.

Ensure your child is happy and nurtured with Little Owl Childcare at Highfields Primary School.
Chase Terrace Primary School

Chase Terrace Primary School

Term time childcare

Term time childcare in line with Staffordshire schools term dates.

Full child day care from 3 years: 7:30am-8:50am & 3:15pm - 6pm.

Out of School club

The school hall and the adventure playground make up our out of school club.

We provide superb resources and themed nights including film nights, dance, craft, cooking and sports.

Your child is supported from the moment they are collected by our caring practitioners. We support children to develop into resilient, caring young people supported by the club’s ethos of supporting each other in creating a happy, safe place to be at the beginning and the end of the day for us all.

Relax knowing your child is cared for in out of school club with Little Owl Childcare at Chase Terrace Primary School.