Transitions and Changes

This time of year is a time full of changes and a time to reflect on the fun we have had with our Little Owls during their time with us. It is also a very important time of year as some of them are getting ready to spread their wings and take flight onto the next leg of their journey. Big School.
Preparation for this starts on their very first day with us, by helping them separate from their loving families and spend time in an environment meant for learning and fun. We build up relationships with them in order for them to feel secure and safe enough to explore, learn and develop. Transition time preparation really kicks in during the summer term, where we begin giving them the skills they’ll be needing when they leave us for primary school. This includes independence in many tasks including toileting, hand washing, dressing themselves and eating. By allowing the children the chance to have a go and practice skills such as spreading butter on bread and pouring milk into a cup allows them to feel a sense of pride and independence.
We talk to them about changes and how a set of ingredients when given time, care and the right circumstances can become a cake. The children are able to watch and be involved in the whole process from measuring to mixing and then dividing and cooking. And of course eating them too!
We talk about how things grow from tiny little seeds and plants into big plants and how some of them give us fruit to eat and enjoy within the nursery, such as our beautiful strawberries which we have enjoyed sharing as a group on a few occasions this term.
We look at jigsaw puzzles and talk about how the pieces when apart don’t look like much but with some hard work and a little help from our friends they can create a masterpiece.
That is exactly what parents and carers do for their children and we are delighted that we get to share that journey with you all. We are the support network that provides the children with the time, the care, the right circumstances to grow, to learn, to develop and finally to become their own masterpiece.
We wish every single one of Little Owls the very best of luck when their adventures continue in big school and for those returning to us or starting with us in September we are ready to help you find your wings during your pre-school year with us.