‘We will write when we are ready!’ The Fundamental Skills of Writing in Early Years

“Look at the differences between a typical preschool child’s hand (left) and a typical 7 year old hand (right). Want to know why a preschool aged child isn’t able to write yet? This is why! Their hands are still developing and are not fully formed. So what should they be doing to support this? PLAY!! Playdough, colouring, cutting, gluing, playing outside, digging in dirt, sensory play, dress up play, science experiments, beading, puzzles, throwing balls, etc. All of these things help their hands develop. When they are physically ready to write, they will! No need to rush them, they will show you when they are ready!        (Facebook: Raising her barefoot)


Children require progressive development in their hands, just like with any other muscle they need to train and strengthen. Children grasp and hold objects which in turn will lead to holding a pencil to write. ‘Funky Finger’ Challenges are a part of our daily activities with Little Owls. We thread beads, use tweezers, build with building blocks and many more. This is through play using the children’s interests at the time. We should not rush children into been able to write using a pencil, it will happen in their own time when they are ready.