Tel: 07980 733926 Email: We are passionate about our communities and the families we serve. We are in no doubt that becoming a parent is the biggest joy but also the hardest role you will ever take on.

We are here to help support the stresses and strains of parenting in a relaxed, friendly and non-judgemental environment.

All sessions are led by one of our fully qualified practitioners and each one is a parent herself. Little Owl Childcare will support you with practical tips that may suit you and support you by signposting you to the help you need for your family.

Family play and stay sessions

Little Owl Pioneers

- where inquisitive minds are nurtured through play.

Little Owl Pioneers is specifically designed to support the growth and development of your baby and/or young child.

During the first three years of life, your child’s brain is working extremely hard to hardwire connections to support its effective functioning for life. Messy and sensory play is essential for the healthy brain development of your little ones. Whilst they are exploring the jelly, pouring the water, squeezing the raspberries or pinching the dough there are millions of connections developing in the brain plus the muscle strength in their hands is increasing, ready for writing. Aren’t our bodies amazing?

We have carefully selected sensory bins to support hand-eye coordination and development of eye muscle control, plus ideas and activities to develop core stability and strength which is essential for sitting and walking.

Through our play sessions we share practical tips and advice, supporting you to understand your child’s development, ideas for weaning, safer sleep practices, control of the dummy, potty training, supporting speech development and helping you to create homemade toys and experiences you can replicate at home.

Join your children in play with lots of nursery toys available, including sand, water, bikes, trikes and, of course, our signature song time at the end. Healthy snacks and drinks for the family included.

£4 per family. No booking required, so turn up and have fun.

10-11am on Fridays @ The Spark Centre, Spring Hill Academy.


Story time

We all have a favourite book and so will your child.

Nurture their curiosity for reading and sharing stories by bringing them to life at our story time sessions. Our skilled practitioner will provide carefully planned activities around our favourite stories to excite your child’s imagination and support the growing love of stories.

Nursery rhymes play a crucial role in developing speech and language, early skills of word building and spelling, and they are a crucial stepping stone in your child’s learning. We will ensure that some time is dedicated in each session to sing familiar and new nursery rhymes with your children, to support them in acquiring the skills to develop speech and reach their potential in language acquisition.

£4 per family. No booking required, so turn up and step into the wonderful world of books.

***Start date to be confirmed! Watch this space!***

Pregnancy yoga

This class is suitable from 12 weeks of pregnancy. The class is a combination of yoga, breathing practice, relaxation and birth preparation.

The aim for the classes is for you to have an enjoyable and relaxing time, whilst improving your physical and emotional wellbeing, and increasing your chances of a positive birth experience. The postures will be very gentle, specifically designed so that you can attend throughout your pregnancy. Yoga-based exercises seem to have a huge effect on increasing the number of families who have a straightforward birth for their baby, and they can also be enjoyed by those planning a caesarean birth.

The main focus of these classes is breathing, gentle stretching, relaxation and positions for labour and birth. For those of you who are already mothers, the class will be a time when you can relax, concentrate on the new baby, and think about your wishes for this birth. For first time mothers, there will be lots of practical tips, an opportunity to meet others and ask questions.

£8 per session or £36 for a 5 week course. Booking is essential.

6:30pm on Tuesdays @ Highfields Primary School.

Book now.


Tree Families

Many parents have said how when returning to work they miss attending classes with their babies. This has led to a partnership to provide a space for all – parents, grandparents, siblings - the whole family to spend time enjoying all nature has to offer.
Once per month on a Sunday morning we will be bringing our outdoor group to the amazing Little Owl Woodland Nursery based at Burntwood Rugby Club. The woodland provides a range of opportunities to explore nature with your little one and has covered areas providing shelter from the weather if needed.
Suitable for the whole family, join us on our monthly weekend dates. Being child-led each semi-structured session includes:
  • Movement
  • Mindfulness
  • Time for creativity
  • Nature art
  • Sensory activities
  • Drinks and snacks

£10 per family. Booking is essential.

10am on Sundays (monthly session) @ The Woodland Nursery, Burntwood Rugby Club.

Book now.



The Spark Centre: Springhill Academy, Mossbank Avenue, Burntwood WS7 4UN

Highfields Primary School: Elder Lane, Burntwood WS7 9BT

We would love for you to become part of our community.