Why Us

Life’s easier when you entrust Little Owl Childcare. From baby spaces to school readiness, we are the childcare for you.

With sensory areas to support your child's development in the very fragile stages of life, to large toddler spaces for children to develop their social connections, speech and language and gross motor skills, Little Owl Childcare sets the foundations for learning and we support the preparation for school readiness in our preschools.

Where learning is fun

Here at Little Owl Childcare we are very play based in our approach, which focuses on environmentally driven learning.

Our practitioners set up awe-inspiring provocations and environments for learning, then skilfully intercept play at crucial stages to impact on learning outcome effectively.

Unlocking your child’s potential

Our staff ensure all our children are supported to extend their learning or gain new skills and reach their full potential.

This way, the children build confidence, think critically about problems they come across and solve them themselves.

Allowing them time to do this lets them take ownership of the play, becoming resilient learners whilst we scaffold learning and plan for their next steps.

Keeping parents & carers involved

We make it easy to stay in touch with your child's learning and ensure you play an active role in their life at nursery, from joining us for group play sessions, to enjoying the ease of our online learning journal. The Tapestry App sends photos and observations of your child directly to your phone throughout the day and allows you to do the same.

Children love seeing photograph of themselves at home or on family days out as much as you love seeing photographs of them.

Choose Little Owl Childcare and gain access to the Tapestry App to capture the magic of your child’s early years experience, uploading and sharing precious moments in real time.

Our vision

  • To provide quality childcare for children aged 2-12 years.
  • To promote children feeling valued and respected.
  • To provide a child-centred curriculum and activities.
  • To ensure staff are motivated and qualified with a will to learn.
  • To provide an inspiring environment.
  • To work closely with parents, and other settings, sharing evidence of progress and celebrating successes together.


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Ofsted Outstanding Provider

DBS Checked Fully Qualified

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The Early Years Foundation Stage

100% Trained In Paediatric First Aid


“As parents, we feel comforted knowing that our daughter is going into a nursery with a good reputation. Parents from playgroups within the area have praised Sarah and the team at LOC and we know they will work with us to make our daughter’s transition into a nursery setting a smooth and happy one.”

“We have seen his confidence with other adults and children grow since he started.”

“The settings are welcoming and very impressive, having an outdoor play area and an indoor setting full of interesting things for the children to do. We particularly like their approach to tailoring the items and toys to the individual interests and needs of each child.”

“Little Owl Childcare is providing excellent care in a nurturing and exciting way for children to explore and learn.”

“We were a little anxious about our daughter starting pre-school, not knowing how to get it all sorted. But once we had spoken to Sarah on the phone and via Facebook, we felt excited to go and visit the nursery. Sarah and the rest of the team were very friendly, supportive and reassuring, answering any concerns or queries we had and explaining the way it all works. After our visit we were confident and happy that this was where we wanted our daughter to go.”

“I always feel able to approach staff with any concerns when dropping off and collecting, and they are always welcoming and friendly.”

“We knew from the moment we went to visit them that our daughter would be in a lovely nursery with staff that would tend to her emotional needs.”

“We are really happy with the whole set up of Little Owl Childcare, from the staff to the warm and friendly professional childcare you provide. Thank you.”

“Without question, we would definitely recommend LOC as a placement for other children to go to.”

“For our first visit, our daughter was initially a little reserved, clinging on to us. Once we got in the building, she was inquisitive about the resources and wanted to play with things. She took to the nursery instantly and was actually rather upset when we went to leave.”

By joining our nursery, you are joining our family.