Learning in the Snow


“The very fact of snow is such an amazement.”  

(Roger Ebert)

It is always exciting when we have snow, for all ages. Whether is it a full blanket of snow or a little sprinkle we all wrap up warm and race outside. Making snowmen, snowball fights and snow angels. But is there any benefits of this for young children? Of course! Even more than just fresh air, getting away from the TV and fun.

Snow days develop creativity for children, building a snowman and finding objects such as, sticks and stones to decorate it with. A lot of the time this is done with other peers, also developing team work. Problem solving is a factor, moulding and shaping the snow, how will it stay together? What can I do to create this? Mark making in the snow is an opportunity to an alterative to pen and paper.

Sledging in the snow is a favourite. This will support children’s physical develop, building resilience. For children to cope with the cold and maybe taking a few falls and getting back up again, these are life skills needed for the future. Self-control and patience is a factor while sledging, children need to wait their turn, to understand it is ok to allow other children to go first.

Science also plays a important role while out in the snow. Lots of discussion can arise, how the snow melts, weather, ice etc. Children will be engaged, they can visually explore for themselves, test their own strategies.

This week at Little Owls we all have made the most of the snowy weather and had lots of different learning opportunities. We have been sledging, digging, brushing the snow, rolling lots of snowballs and of course tons of fun! Snow days are our teachers.