What makes a Little Owl Practitioner?

What makes a Little Owls Practitioner ? ?

There are a carefully selected set of ingredients that make our wonderful Practitioners at Little Owls Childcare…take a look at the following recipe of how to make the perfect practitioner! ?

* 1 large cup of patience.
* 2 heaped tablespoons of energy and enthusiasm for working with children.
* An enormous scoop of empathy.
* A jug of humour and laughter.
* A large bowl of understanding of child development.
* A scoopful of teamwork and positive attitude.
* A pinch of exciting activity ideas.
* A large handful of nurture and compassion.
* A love of messy activities and noise!
* A heap of dedication!
* A cup of smiles !

Combine all of the above carefully, sprinkle with plenty of love and you have a wonderful Little Owls practitioner ?

Clever Communication

Clever communication ????

In the Discovery Room (Birth to confident walkers) at our Cannock Daycare Nursery, we recognise the need to communicate effectively with our babies.

One of our chosen methods is to use simple sign language for some everyday words and instructions.

‘Research shows that sign language speeds up speech development, reduces frustration in young children by giving them a means to express themselves before they know how to talk, increases parent-child bonding, and lets babies communicate vital information, such as if they are hurt or hungry. (educationalplaycare.com).

Of course, the children are hearing the spoken word at the same time which helps with speech and language.

Before you know it, they are not only associating that sign with a word but attempting to sign it too!

Singing and signing is lots of fun too…the babies really engage when we sing with actions to support the song.

We share a weekly sign with our families, feel free to follow the link for more information.



Wheeeee love slides!

Wheeeee love slides!

Here at Little Owl Cannock Daycare Nursery that “Wheee” sound is a very familiar one to us all!

Our children love spending time climbing on the variety of slides we offer.

The benefits of using a slide make it more than just a fun activity ….
? It helps them learn to balance as they have to keep their torso in balance as gravity pulls them down.
?there is a lot of coordination involved in climbing the ladder,changing position at the top, safely, sitting down and finally descending .
?climbing the steps is a super way to strengthen upper and lower body muscles as well as giving them a cardio work out!
?valuable social skills are being learned, taking turns -waiting for someone to move before sliding down, cooperating with each other will help them interact throughout childhood and into adulthood. Communication and language is developed also as they count the steps and ask for help if needed.

So let’s encourage this type of activity as much as possible!


Little Actors in the Making!

Little actors in the making! ?

Our preschoolers, at our Cannock Daycare Nursery, are thoroughly enjoying their weekly drama sessions courtesy of Chase Grammar School.

It is giving them the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in singing, sharing feelings, acting out real life situations, improving memory and communication skills, building their confidence socially and generally having lots of fun.
Well done to our Little Owls Adventurers!

Bringing stories to life

Bringing stories to life for our Little Owls! ??

Our Adventurers in the preschool at our Cannock Nursery absolutely love story time ?.

The traditional tales are brought to life with our wonderful story sacks.

They are able to use all their senses to fully immerse themselves in the storytelling process. Using a story sack enables everyone to access the story regardless of their communication and language skills.

We have many stories to share, here are a couple of examples…
For more information about the benefits of story sacks see the link attached.